Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Behind the Scenes

So I just surprised my girlfriend this morning for her birthday with two of our friends. I just wanted to take a minute to jot down a thought that occured to me after our scheming was through.

A plan to surprise someone can become very complicated very quickly. Especially when you start adding multiple people in the mix. While it is a relatively simple idea to go and wait for someone to walk out their door, it becomes a very delicate situation in order for the surprise to be effective. Its all about timing and being prepared for that one instant in time where you shout "SURPRISE!"

First of all, you have to get all of the people involved organized and informed. The plan was for my two friends to meet me at our building's door so I could let them in. Then we would go up to her room and wait outside her door until she walked out to go to class. Then we would scream and "make her poop her pants." (Quote of the day.) Even though there were only three of us, we still managed to miscommunicate and were waiting for eachother in two seperate places. As the minutes ticked by and the time we were supposed to be in position approached we began to get very anxious and frantic texts ensued.
(Yes texts.. who calls people anymore?)

Then there was the matter of my race to the grocery store to buy flowers for her. I had set my alarm to wake up early and have plenty of time to ride the bus over, get the flowers, and ride back. Of course I ended up sleeping for another 30 minutes after my alarm went off. That left me with exactly a 30 minute window from then until the time in which we needed to be in place for the surprise. It was an anxious bus ride, but with the luck of getting a maniac bus driver on the way back, I ended up arriving right on time. I wasn't even a minute late!

Then after I had found my two co-conspirators (after about 7 minutes of waiting in the wrong place) we hurried up the stairs to the third floor, hoping that she hadn't left for class already. As we rounded the corner of the lobby into the hall, we ran straight into her! We were taken a little off guard, but she was more surprised than us. It turned out to be a success. The look on her face was priceless.

She was completely flattered and what she said stuck in my head: "Aw, guys. I feel so special!"

Heres my thought..

We are special in God's eyes. He wants us to feel that way. We talk about His love for us almost every Sunday, but I don't think we get it. His love is UNIMAGINABLE. I understand that the very definition of that statement means we can't really comprehend His love for us, but why aren't we floored by the thought? He loves every single one of us on this planet enough to come down to us and bail us out. He came in flesh as Jesus Christ to give us all an eternity with Him! Its so easy to get! Don't you realize that He pretty much gave us a get out of jail free card? We don't have to, and can't do anything to deserve it. Just love Him back. Seek Him out. He will bless you because you are His child and He loves you enough to be beaten, cursed, mocked, spit on, and crucified. And let you do those things to Him. Isn't that profound? Our sins were on Jesus' shoulders when He was nailed to that cross. That means we contributed to each blow to the head, each whip ripping His flesh, each strike of the hammer as it drove nails into His hands. And He let us crucify Him because He loves us. That doesn't make sense to me. That's why its unimaginable love. It blows my mind.

Think about the ways in which God works behind the scenes to come through for us. My girlfriend didn't know all of the things that went on while she got ready for class this morning. She didn't know that I was running across campus getting her flowers or that her friends who love her were going out of their way to come see her. And despite our plan not falling into place exactly how we pictured it, it made no difference to her. She was still surprised, still loved, still happy, still excited, and still blessed.

Think about all of the things God is working out for you behind the scenes in your life. The intricacy of His plan for you brings joy to my heart. Thank Him for your blessings and for loving us in such an unimaginable way.


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